Warranty policy

Guarantee policy of Automenu LLC in relation to CWORKS products: oil, air, fuel, cabin filters; brake pads and discs; suspension parts; glow plugs; spark plug.

Automenu LLC is an exclusive importer/distributor of goods (car parts & oils & protection) under the CWORKS trademark (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") on Georgian adn Azerbaijan Market.

Warranty extension

The warranty applies to all types of filters, brake pads and discs, suspension parts, glow plugs, spark plugs (hereinafter the "Product") of the CWORKS trademark, purchased by the end user (subject to mandatory installation at the workshop *)

Guarantee period

The warranty period for the Product is 1 (one) year from the moment of its installation or the period / mileage between scheduled replacements of the Product in accordance with the maintenance regulations established by the car manufacturer, whichever comes first, as well as within the service life of CWORKS products set by their Manufacturer.

The moment of installation of the Goods is determined by the date of the act of acceptance and transfer of the car to the owner and is confirmed by the order of the service station that carried out the work on the replacement of the Goods.

Terms of warranty

Warranty service during the warranty period is provided to the owner of the Goods - a legal entity or an individual who operates the Goods.

If during installation it is revealed that the Product has manufacturing defects or defects in materials (manufacturing defect), as well as if the Product is out of order due to a manufacturing defect, then the owner will be replaced with a new one during the warranty period.

A manufacturing defect of the Goods must be confirmed by the technical conclusion of the service station or the conclusion of an expert organization (expert).

The wear of the Goods (brake pads and brake discs) during normal use is natural and is not covered by the warranty, as it depends on the operating conditions, driving style and other factors that are beyond the control of the Company. Damage to elements of the braking system due to wear of the brake pads and / or brake discs exceeding the permissible limits is not covered by this warranty.

The warranty for the goods is not provided in the following cases:

Malfunctions of the Goods due to improper operation, installation and / or repair, design changes and / or modifications.

In the presence of mechanical, chemical and other damage.

In the event of failure of the Goods due to violation of the intervals between the scheduled replacements of the Goods, as well as technical fluids and oils in accordance with the regulations for the maintenance of the car, system or equipment established by the manufacturer.

In the presence of defects in the Goods, which have arisen in whole or in part, directly or indirectly due to the malfunction (defects) of other units and / or systems and / or equipment of the vehicle.

In the case of using technical fluids and / or oils in the car of a class, type and quality that do not meet the requirements of the car manufacturer.

When using a car for participation in automobile competitions (races) or using a car with non-standard characteristics (settings).

Violations of the requirements of the manual for the operation and maintenance of the car established by the car manufacturer.

If there are traces of overheating (discoloration of the disc metal, cracks in the disc surface, thermal damage to the friction pad) *.

* With regard to brake pads and discs.


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