About the brand

About the brand

The CWORKS brand is based on the idea of providing the owner of a car of any brand with equivalent to original spare parts and other premium aftermarket products, the quality of which is certified by Toyota Tsusho Corporation.

Toyota Tsusho Corporation is one of the largest companies in the global industry. Thanks to many years of work in the field of supply of auto components and parts to car assembly plants, the corporation has all the necessary resources and unique conditions to provide high quality spare parts for the aftermarket.

One of the key indicators confirming the quality of CWORKS products is compliance with the international standard IATF 16949: 2016 in all factories certified for the production of CWORKS.

Why choose CWORKS?

Why choose CWORKS?

Certified parts

CWORKS products are produced by a parts manufacturer that meets the standards set by Toyota Tsusho and go through strict quality checks before being delivered to our customers.

Clever choice

CWORKS products cover a wide variety of vehicle models and we have prepared a comprehensive lineup of parts required for automotive customer service. By allowing them to safely select Toyota Tsusho's incredibly low-priced products, we will help our customers achieve a pleasant vehicle owning experience.

Customer first

CWORKS products leverage the global network of the Toyota Tsusho Group, and we are creating a rapid product development and logistic system in cooperation with leading parts manufacturers around the world, including Toyota Tsusho's existing business partners, to meet customers' needs.

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